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Today is Thursday, April 27, 2017

Green Coat Envy

I don't think I own a green coat and I think it's a great colour to wear during winter. I would personally team an emerald coloured coat with a nice bright patterned scarf or shirt and keep the rest of the outfit casual. </p>

The last image is a little provocative but I really do like the coat!


Lusting after the Prada Saffiano Bags!

I know these bags came out a while back and so many stores such as Zara copied the design, but after I saw the rose blush coloured bag I've been really lusting after one. They're over £1000, so not cheap but I think they're great for an everyday work bag. They have around 3 compartments which is one of the main features of the bag and it fits most laptops in the mid compartment. Me waaant! </p>

                                                                      Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote Bag £1385 - Click Here

                                                               Saffiano Medium Double Zip Top Handle Bag £1316 - Click Here 

                                                                             Saffiao Vernice Tote Bag £1088- Click Here 

                                                                  Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote Bag £1385 - Click Here


Tartan Around

Tartan is back in, who would have guessed. Tartan is perfect for winter and is best worn using one tartan item and keeping everything else relatively simple. I love the Tartan pants with a plain knit jumper, its how I would personally wear it; or as a coat. So many decisions!



Well Hello there,</p>
If you've been wondering why you haven't seen a post from me in a while, I think it's mostly due to falling out of love with blogging (dry spell) but I guess everyone goes through that in the world of blogging. Anyway I'm back with an outfit I wore a while back and posted on Instagram. The dress is a gorgeous silk material with lovely oriental print flowers. I got this dress on sale from Zara and the scarf too (which is still in stores). I thought I'd add a metal cuff style belt to add shape to the dress since it has no waste and I have a small obsession with waste belts. 


Mini Moroccan Home Decor Haul

So I went to Morocco (Marrakesh) a few weeks ago on a family holiday and I fell in love with their culture. If anyone knows a thing or two about home decor, it's definitely the Moroccans! Even the hotels have the most amazing decor, things you wouldn't even think to put together. I was completely inspired and have decided to have a Moroccan theme when doing up my room. I only bought a few home things because I didn't have enough time (it's too hot and there's sooo many places) and I didn't have enough space in my suitcase *sob*. The market was by far the best place to buy all this stuff. They had amazing lanterns and tea sets and coffee tables and basically everything! I will be going back purely to buy home stuff from there. Anyway here are the few items I bought:</p>

<span size="2" style="font-size: small;">I bought these mint tea cups for around £6 which I think is a really good deal! They were asking for double the price but I put my foot down and said NOOO! lol if your going to Morocco a tip when haggling is just walk away if they're not putting the price down, they'll come running back and if they don't there are other places which sell similar stuff anyway! Also I was looking online for more Moroccan pieces and I found the stuff I bought to be triple the prices. That broke my heart a little! 

I'm not going to be using these as cups though, they're just too pretty for that. You have to purchase the metal cup holder thingies (whatever they're called) separately and they have different metal designs but I thought this combo was perfect. I'm in love with them and I recommend you buy these if you're going to Morocco.


The next item I bought were these gorgeous candle holders made of candle (or wax if you wanna get technical). They have a wooden engraved Hamza hand as the front design and I can imagine the lighting to look really nice because of the holes in the Hamza Hand (am I making sense here). They had the most amazing shapes and colours in these. I really wanted to buy more but they're heavier than they look. These are a set of three and bought them for around £7.50 which are cheap as chips! 

This cushion cover instantly caught my eye in a massive pile of other designs and colours. It has a vintage feel to it but with a Moroccan twist. The man was asking for £15 for just this one and I wasn't having any of it. I was determined to buy it though. It was way too pretty to let it go. Bless the old man that sold it to me, he wasn't budging at first but then I started speaking Arabic to him and was telling him I was originally from Palestine and he instantly let me have it for a lower price. I was over the moon! 

<span style="font-size: small;">
This is another candle holder set my sister bought and thought it would be nice to show in case anyone is planning a trip to Morocco. I love the colour and gold design and it fit perfectly in her room. I wish I bought more but that just means I'll have to go again which I would be more than happy to do. 

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">A Few Tips! 

</span>OK so this is a few things that I think would be helpful when shopping at the markets in Morocco:

1) Make sure your bag is secure and you do not carry your purse and all of the money you have. Marrakesh especially is known for pick pocketing. I know this because it happened to me. The annoying thing is, the WHOLE way through I was making sure that my bag was closed and that I wasn't taking my purse or phone out constantly and yet someone stole my purse from my bag. 

2) You need to haggle! Don't take the first price you're given. I would recommend looking around all the stores first without buying. That way you know what each store has and what prices they're offering. Some try to rip you off and some are very generous. However one thing I can say is that they're not aggressive when they're trying to sell to you. If you say no they'll still try to convince you but they're still polite unlike other countries I've been to where they get angry when you say no thank you to something. 

3) Go in the evening! That's when all the stores are open, your not under the hot sun and you can think straight! We made the mistake of going in the afternoon (while fasting) and to be honest I just wanted to sit down in the middle of the market and not move. Your experience will be much more pleasant in the evening! 

4) Go to the Orange juice stalls. The orange juice is AMAZING! You must try it, you'll be missing out if you don't :) 

<p>5) Just enjoy youself! </span>


Flower Power

I wore this casual outfit for a meal, but thought I'd pair it with heels to dress it up a little. As a hijabi I think its hard sometimes to be fashionable and modest at the same time, but I think quite baggyish pants like the printed ones I'm wearing are a good option, especially when you wear a top that covers your rear at the same time. 

Denim Shirt: Primark: Similar Option| Mustard Shirt: H&M| Printed Pants: H&M: Similar Option Or Similar Option| Nude Pumps: Primark: Similar Option|


Keepin' it Cheap & Cheerful - Shoes!

I'm pretty sure I bought an insane amount of shoes in a really small amout of time. I moved all my stuff back home from my Uni apartment and my mum actually called me crazy because of how many pairs of shoes I owned. I feel like I can justify buying the shoes I'm blogging about today because they're so cheap. I pretty much couldn't resist buying them! Most of them were from Primark but I think they deserve some credit especially with the open toe shoes I (and nearly everyone else) have bought. </p>

Primark Nude Platform Pumps- £6

I can't believe these went down to £6 from £25! I know they're from primark, but still?! They're so high as well but surprisingly, they're really comfortable to wear because there's a lot of support at the front. I love the colour and I'm just addicted to nude coloured shoes, clothes etc. 

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Primark studded Gladitor sandals- £6


These were originally £12, and I saw a very similar style to these in TopShop not so long a go. They're surprisingly good quality and I've stepped on the spikes before... they're lethal :/ I am definately going to take these on holiday with me, the only thing is they make your feet look quite big and I regret not getting a size 4 instead of a size 5 because I think that they would have looked much better. 

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Newlook Suede pointed wedge ankle boots- £7

</span>These were the most wintery shoes I bought recently and I obviously won't be wearing them anytime soon. I will be wearing these in the winter and I just love the fact that I got them for £7. They're nice and compfortable and they look much better on than they do off. 

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Office Nude Loafers- £7

I really needed some good quality casual shoes and when I saw these on sale in Office, I had to buy them since they were only £7. I try not to wear out my casual shoes by wearing them everyday, so I've kept these in good shape and I love wearing them with rolled up skinny jeans! 

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Primark Ankle strap shoes- £12

</strong></span>I can't believe these were actually Primark and only £12. I think they look so expensive and I saw the red and black ones on a couple of blogs. So I went into Primark wanting to buy both those colours, they didn't have the black version in my size but I bought the red, black & white monochrome and black & white patterned version. I love all of them! They had other ones but I think these were the nicest ones. They look so good on too, but becareful they're not for walking long distances in. Although the heel isn't extremely high, there's hardly any support at the front. My favourite pair are the black & white monochrome ones, I just think they would look good with so many outfits! 

Kurt Geiger Nude stud open-toe heels- £29


I think these shoes are by far the best bargain I have ever gotten on a pair of shoes. These went down from £120 to £29!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them. They only had one pair left in my size and I had to ask the lady that worked there if they were actually £29. I was really lucky that day! I love them so much, they were in perfect shape, the colour is amazing and they're easy to walk in. I have a wedding to attend soon, so I might wear these. 


Laser cut-out

I was invited to a bloggers event in Birmingham by Fatima (instagram: arabolish) and Habiba (instagram: lifelongpercussion) and I had a lovely time! We went for a meal and then dessert with various other bloggers and youtubers! I had an amazing time and met some lovely people along the way! I thought I'd do a quick blog on the outfit I wore. Chances are you've probably seen it if you follow me on instagram which is (@dua_najib) </p>

Outfit Details: Shirt: Topshop| Pants: H&M| Belt: Miss Selfridge| Bag: TK Maxx| Waistcoat: River Island| Sandals: Primark| 




I thought I'd put an outfit together since I've not done one in a while! I saw the printed pants from George for £16 and I love them! So I thought I'd out together an outfit based around the pants. The list of iterms are below, click them to direct you to the website. 

</p> <p>Celine


Blanc Noir (OOTD)

I originally wore this outfit with my favourite Red maxi Pleated skirt (which looked much better than this outfit but forgot to take a full length pic) However it was raining outside, because of the good old British weather so I had to change into my printed pants which I think worked really well and made the outfit more casual looking. Me and the girls went for a Hen-Do meal! We had such a lovely time and it was really nice to see everyone after ages because we've all been so busy! P.S this is such a late blogpost. I wore this a while back and for those who follow me on Instagram you would have seen this pic! 

The T-shirt (which also has chains on the neck) says Blanc Noir and is from River Island. I love this top and can pretty much wear it with anything! It also reminds me of the Celine Print Tshirt that I've spotted on a few people! My Pants and Leather jacket are also from River Island (I need to get out of that store!) </p> <p>


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