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Today is Thursday, April 27, 2017

Clarisonic Mia Cleansing Facial System Review!


Hi Everyone! I thought I’d do a review on the Clarisonic Mia Facial System, and I’ve put it off for a while now but really wanted to share my opinion with you. If you’re unsure about what the Mia Clarisonic actually is- it’s a skin cleansing system that helps remove make-up and dirt, improves skin tone, and reduces the size of your pores.

Many people are mistaken that the brush rotates (which is what I initially thought) but in actual fact oscillates (vibrates) 300 movements per second. It’s considered to remove 6X more dirt and make-up compared to traditional methods. There are so many raves about this product all over the internet including Youtube which is when I had heard about the product.

Clarisonic mia – pink £120 – Selfridges

The main reason for purchasing the Clarisonic was because I noticed my pores becoming more noticeable which is one thing I am trying to avoid like the plague! I’d rather have spots than large pores because it’s harder to tackle larger pores. I read up the cause of this, and it’s due to not removing make-up properly and that the residue of make-up clogs up pores leaving them to expand.

As I was doing my research on how to reduce pore size I came across a dermatologist who advised specifically using a clarisonic facial system with Salicylic Acid based creams. Both help to clear clogged pores and minimize them. This skin routine also helps to reduce spots and breakouts, dry patches and gives you fresher smoother looking skin!

From what I’d read about the product it sounded too good to be too, but when I tried it, I can honestly say I will never stop! This is exactly what my skin needs and has never felt smoother and looked clearer in a long time! I noticed that when I use the clarisonic I don’t need to use as many skin products as I’ve done before, all I need is a face moisturiser and under eye cream. Also Whilst using the clarisonic you need some sort of cleanser or cream and I use “The Doctors” 3 Step Face System because they contain Salicylic acid and goes really well with the clarisonic, but I’ll do an indepth review on that later on as I’m still testing it out to see the best results!

Overall my opinion on the Clarisonic is 100% good, I couldn’t have invested in a better product and I’m really happy I found out about it. It’s a little pricey (around £120) but it really is worth it. I recommend it to every skin type. If you want to know more about the Clarisonic or felt that I’ve missed something out please comment below!

Tc Xoxo

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